Sam Sopwith

b. 1978

With a lifelong passion for animals and an innate sense of creativity it was natural for Sam to combine her two great loves.  In particular over the last 20 years of her work Sam’s focus has largely been on capturing four legged creatures in movement, working in a variety of mediums; from oil paint to pastel and charcoal to clay.

With a need to see firsthand her subject matter in action in its raw form, Sam finds it essential to understand the character and the essence of the model as much as studying the physical characteristics of her subjects.

Sam has been fortunate enough to study with some of her wildlife artist heroes; Maarten Schadlee & Irma Argiriou in Vancouver Island, Neil Forster & Mark Coreth in the UK – combined with a few years of formal classical portrait training in Florence.

Sam has recently spent more time indulging in her passion for sculpting and was incredibly fortunate to spend time in Kenya sculpting with Mark Coreth. The transition between 2D and 3D adds a depth to Sam’s work and she thrives on the challenges and richness of each medium she works in.

Studying her subjects in their natural environment has allowed Sam to travel far and wide and experience some truly wonderful adventures. From Africa to Abu Dhabi and Spain to Wyoming as well as roaming the English countryside she is always on a quest for the perfect model.

After several group exhibitions from 2006-2013 Sam has recently been working on private commissions as well as building a body of work that is on show at Patrick Mavros, London.

Her works feature in a wide range of private collections and Sam has many loyal clients who have been working with her for years.

Her commissions are renowned for capturing the spirit, moods and personalities of her subjects, which she brings to life with obsessive commitment, in particular her ability to capture the movement and dynamics of her subject matter.

When Sam isn’t studying animals she can be found outdoors with her two energetic young sons, riding horses, climbing mountains or racing bicycles.