Lucy Wayne

Lucy Wayne is a London born artist, working from life in watercolour and ink to produce simple and delicate paintings of flowers and plants. She works directly in colour without the use of pencil, in this way, the compositions unfold in sometimes unexpected ways, often travelling off the page.

Lucy’s paintings; spontaneous yet precise are infused by her love of growing flowers, fruit and vegetables in her Sussex garden, where she now lives with her young family.

Intensely looking in awe and appreciation at the lines, colours and contours of botanical forms, she sees these living subjects not as “still life” but in a state of constant movement and change. She loves to observe the seasons and also the passing of time through her paintings. Following flowers from bud to bloom, then the incredibly interesting forms and unusual colours which develop as the flowers begin to dry and fade.

Lucy has been exhibiting in the UK, and has work held in private collections in the UK, Europe and USA.