Jonathan Loxley

In 1983,  Jonathan Loxley joined a small, bohemian group of film and theatre painters and sculptors who traveled the country building sets. This opportunity allowed him to explore his creativity, which later generated work on the set of the movies, Labyrinth and Aliens, where he continued to gain considerable experience in this industry.
Following an African adventure (as a break from this high-pressured job), Loxley made the decision to concentrate on developing his passion for form, and moved to the marble mountains of Carrara in Tuscany, Italy, to learn how to carve marble.
​After nine years, Loxley returned to England and set up a studio space to allow his skills to evolve and emerge through his chosen material.
​Jonathan Loxley has exhibited across Europe, and his works can be found in collections around the world – from public parks and penthouse terraces in Hong Kong to more humble residential gardens in Europe and the United Kingdom.