Cathy Outen

Working with clay has always been my passion! I love to explore the feel of it in my hands as a simple ball of clay is transformed into its finished ceramic form.

I work with stoneware clays in my Suffolk garden studio and enjoy experimenting with a variety glazes and firings to create contrasting colours, finishes and textures. All my work is individually handmade and every piece is unique.

My sculptural work is deeply imbued by my love of nature and is lovingly made with hand-rolled coils of clay.  Focusing on the tactile nature of the materials, I love to build aesthetically pleasing curves that people will want to reach out and touch.

This can be seen with the curvaceous forms of my Apples and Pears collection that I first created for Art For Cure. Each piece has its own shape and character and looks different from every angle, making a wonderful centre piece for your home.