Amelia Tuttiett

“Living and working among the Hampshire countryside is a never-ending source of delight and I try to convey some of the joy I find into my work.

I studied Fine Art and University, but swiftly returned to my original love – clay, not long after leaving and have been working with it and oil paint ever since.  I find them curiously similar, as I often apply oil paint with my fingers smearing it into the board and scraping marks with my nails.  My hands are a disgrace subsequently!

I spend time both walking and riding and this quiet observation of the natural world informs my work.  I never fail to feel happy after I have spent time outside and hope that some of this delight is transferred into my work.  I also have always made up stories in my head and that is where the long and involved titles spring from.”

Both Amelia’s ceramics and paintings strike a chord, they have such charm, originality and innocence, along with a wonderful narrative quality. The huge characters that inhabit her pieces, coming to life in her lyrical designs. She is deservedly gathering a huge following. It’s work I find hard to part with, I would much rather keep it!