Liz de Planta


After 25 years as a film maker, I picked up a paintbrush again, for the first time with intent since my Art A Level, when I moved to Suffolk in 2009.

I have been painting in my studio at Old Jet since 2016 and did my first tree painting in 2018.

Most people have a favourite tree.  And most of us remember standing under it looking up in wonder at the majesty of it.

I have tried to capture that familiar sense of awe in my paintings, emphasising the play of light which is always key in film making.

To me, trees are the elephants of the British countryside; ancient, awe-inspiring, to be treasured and respected.

To be dwarfed by a tree is to get a true understanding of our place in this world.

I still aspire to doing huge versions of these paintings and have them hanging in atriums of buildings in the City; to remind city dwellers how healing it is to walk amongst trees and the magical power of nature.