Howard J Morgan

Became a member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters 1986
Commissions include:
HM The Queen
HM The Queen of The Netherlands
HRH Prince Michael of Kent
TRH The Prince & Princess of Hanover
Tom Stoppard
Philip Larkin
Francis Crick
Paul Maurice Dirac
Dame Antoinette Sibley (National Portrait Gallery, London)
Mr & Mrs Neil McConnell, USA
Five Supreme Court Judges from the Inner Temple 2019
Permanent display of work at the National Portrait Gallery
Anthony Mould, 1983
Claridges, 1984 (with Anthony Mould)
Richmond Gallery, Cork Street, London, 1986/87/88/89/90
Thomas Agnew’s, Bond St, London, 1989/96
Lithography at Park Walk Gallery, 1990
Leighton House Exhibition, 1993
Cadogan Contemporary Watercolours, 1988/89/90/91/95
Agnews, Old Bond Street, ‘Ladies in Hats’ 1998
Watercolour Exhibition (Sara Stewart), 1998
The Eaton Gallery, Duke Street. Various exhibitions and displays, 1996-2005
Studio Party and Exhibition 2003.
Studio Preview Party planned for December 2005 and Gallery Exhibition at The Eaton Gallery.
Fine Art Commissions, Cork Street, exhibition of cowboy paintings 2008
William Thuiller, Old Bond Street, 2013
Fine Art Commissions, Ryder Street 2014 and 2015
Panter and Hall, Pall Mall 2018 and exhibition planned April 2020 (cancelled due to Covid 19)
Subject Matter Pictures include:
Shanty pictures (‘In Plymouth Towne…’, ‘A drop of Nelson’s blood…’ & ‘Mingulay’), 1990/91
Monticello watercolours of Jefferson’s House
(for Civilization Magazine, USA), 1994
Golden Gate Quartet, 1995
Prisoner Bonhoeffer, 1995
Cinderella, 1995
Mozart Picture from 1998 to 2005
The Quiet American, 2000
The Red Stiletto, 2000 (Triptych)
I see a bad moon arising, 2003
Beach Pictures, 2000 to 2003
The Old Man and Music, 2005
Mozart’s Requiem, 2012
Marlborough’s March to the Danube 1704, 2014
Climax of the Battle of Waterloo for Arthur Wellesley, Marquess of Duoro, 2015
Supreme Court Judges, 2019
The Family Stone, after Sly and the Family Stone, 2020