Decima Campe

b 1988

Decima Campe is an English ceramicist, the youngest of ten she was born in Dorset, UK.

Decima lives with her husband Calyxte Campe and three small boys in an old farmhouse in the hills in the south of Florence, Tuscany.  Her studio is at home and being in the heart of the terracotta land she sources her clay and glazes locally from Montelupo Fiorentino, the historic centre of ceramics.

Decima’s pottery is all hand thrown and after the first firing they are decorated, she finds the surroundings an inspiring place for the patterns and colours used when painting her pottery.

Decima arrived in Florence ten years ago and studied in a small but renowned art school, the Charles H Cecil Studio. She studied as a portrait painter and paints children’s portraits on commission.  The pottery wheel had always been a great interest and she hoped that at some point it would come to the forefront of her creative output.  Now she is happiest in her pottery studio surrounded by her boys, the chickens, the dog and the studio next door where Calyxte is creating bronze sculptures.