Antonia Gabb

I am a sculptor with an interest in the human form. My figurative work focuses on gesture where I aim to create a sense of ambiguity in the pose without prescribing a narrative to the work. It is fascinating to me how the slope of a shoulder or tilt of the head can suggest emotion or a moment in time.

I revisited working with clay a few years ago. It is a mindful process for me exploring this responsive material. I want the history of the marks I make to remain visible. The texture of the surface is as important to me as the gesture and the raw finish adds layers of life and energy.

My recent work has become more conceptual, still referencing the human body. This work is more intuitive as I work with new materials that often dictates the outcome.

I have worked in Gilding in Restoration, made models and puppets for the Natural History Museum and props and costumes for plays. I am currently training with a commemorative sculptor in Shropshire and building my art practice.

Born in London in 1970.
Fine At Degree BA Hons In Newport, Gwent in 1992 Wood Carving City and Guilds School of Art 1997